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Jerry Orange M

¥4,950 (w/tax)

Product name: Jerry Orange M

Color: オレンジ

Size: 32cm×30cm×15cm

Weight: 362g

Made from plastic

Made in Indonesia


Light, washable, and kawaii (cute), each one of our Kago-bags is hand-woven by local craftspeople with recycled plastic, right in Indonesia. The handles and the body are sturdily woven together, making the bag super durable. You can carry it on a rainy day, perfect to bring to work, to school, to stores for shopping, and to the beach and mountain for your leisure activities.

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Your bag purchase includes a donation of a tree to be planted in Indonesia.

Each bag has a serial number indicating the number of the tree you are donating.

◎What Manis Fan Club does◎

We are “immersed in vegetable oil” – soap, snacks, and other food items – numerous products are made with it. The more we consume them, the more jungles disappear. They are replaced with palm-tree plantations, because vegetable oil is made from palm nuts.

The excessive consumption of palm oil causes:

◎Jungles to disappear

◎The habitat of wildlife including orangutans to disappear (as high as 85% of life in the jungle risks extinction)

◎Child labour to produce palm oil

Manis FC started the tree planting project to fight back – to protect their jungles and wildlife, and ultimately their environment and children.


◎It is more than just “planting trees” –◎

Our bags are made with material recycled from plastic waste.

Part of our sales will be used for:

◎The cost of sapling

◎The fund to provide environmental education for local children

◎Manis FC’s operational expenses

Weight 362 g

Please note

As all bags are made by hand, their sizes may not be precise unlike machine made products. Likewise, the patterns and colours of each may vary, making your bag “one of a kind”!

Handling and cautions: Keep it away from heat as it could melt the plastic and deform the bag. Please be careful as some ends of the woven plastic tape might be sharp.

Currently, we only ship our products to Japanese addresses.


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