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Our Vision

Manis Fan Club Inc. is an environmental organization working to restore Borneo’s jungle, and to protect the orangutans’ habitat. In 2012, 14 years after our first encounter with orangutans in Borneo’s jungle in 1998, we founded an NGO and have since initiated educational and tree-planting projects with the local community. In 2021, we established Manis Fan Club Inc. in the hopes of generating more opportunities for environmental conservation, right in our society.

News of environmental devastation now come from all over the world. Those who live in a developed country should actively help developing nations protect their environment. We strive to create a system that preserves nature in a way that is compatible with our everyday life – our motto is: “‘Kawaii’ grows more forests”. In 2013, we started our blueprint to build a “Jungle Park” in Harapan village in Central Kalimantan, where people live along side orangutans. With our mascot, *Manis* the orangutan, we work to spread education and nurture a society, in which the economy and environment co-exist in harmony.

Name: Manis Fan Club Inc.
Founded on: February 3, 2021
Address: 1440 Horiuchi, Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa-ken, 240-0112, Japan
Tel: (+81) 046-876-3204

Board of directors  

Sachiko Maruyama (president)
Masumi Ozawa
Yuuki Takaba
Kento Noguchi
Mihoko Yokota

Our History

2012 F.C. Manis was founded as an NGO
2013Field research in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia was conducted
2014Environmental education for local elementary schools initiated
2015Massive forest fires throughout Indonesia
2016Conservation activities to restore the fire-lost forests began
2017Environmental education program at local elementary and junior high schools initiated
2018Marketing of Indonesian Kago-bags in Japan began (a partial proceed of each bag is donated for saplings)
2020F.C. Manis’ environmental education project received a JICA Phase 2 grant
2021Manis Fan Club Inc. was established